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FIFA 12 POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 18, 2011

FIFA 12 Stars Pose For Face Capture Cameras

It’s easier to root for your favorite player when you can recognize them – and not just by the number on their jersey. Today’s video from FIFA 12 interviews several star players as they tie back their hair, put on their game faces, and pose for the 18 cameras that are part of the game’s improved capture process.

Unlike in the past, when designers had to crib together each face by hand, FIFA 12 uses advanced imaging technology to capture every furrowed brow and five o’clock shadow that shows up on the field. In the video below, players Haris Vuckic, Barry Bannan, and Micah Richards share their experiences (and excitement) about getting their real faces in the game:

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    how can i do this to put my pic on my x box live
    Oct 24, 2011
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    PES might look more realistic but at least FIFAs looks like the player plus thats fifa 11 not 12
    Jan 5, 2012
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