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FIFA 11 Podcast.jpg POSTED BY Romily Broad ON Oct 25, 2010

FIFA 11 Podcast | 25 October 2010

Tune into this week's FIFA 11 podcast for news of impending Ultimate Team and Interactive World Cup announcements, your feedback in the Community Mailbag, and in the Big Shout we ask who's the world'd greatest footballing role model.

More importantly, though, we begin a new segment in which we reveal expert tips for modifying teams in FIFA 11 for even more success when you use them online.

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Tuning 'Em Up: Real Madrid

Tuning Real Madrid

We'll stick with the default formation. After all, you only have a certain amount of time to make your changes before starting the game.

Carvalho is a great tackler, but he's too slow. If you're playing as Real Madrid, it's likely you'll be facing someone like Chelsea's Didier Drogba, who can make mincemeat of Carvalho with his power and pace. Swap Carvalho with Sergio Ramos, putting him in at centre-back. He's not as good a tackler, but you'll really appreciate his pace.

Next, bring in Albiol at right-back and drop Carvalho to the bench. Albiol is powerful and fast, so you'll maintain those traits out wide where you need them.

Real Madrid have two holding midfielders by default in the form of Alonso and Khedira. They're both great in those positions, able to ping fast, accurate passes around and negotiate the midfield battle batter than anyone. Leave them where they are.

Ronaldo starts out on the left by default. He's just about the most potent attacking force in the game, so swap Ronaldo with Higuain and put him up front where he can do the most damage. Higuain and Ozil will then provide devastating attacking options from the wide positions - the right-footed Higuain cutting in the from left, and vice-versa for Ozil. Kaka stays where he is, his trickery best placed providing the ammo for the three ahead of him.

In next week's podcast we'll tune up: Chelsea

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