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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Nov 3, 2011

EA’s Magical New Creature Feature Has Arrived

With dozens of zoo games, farm games and maintenance games out there for mobile, EA now offers a more “magical” approach to satisfy the needs of critter-crazy game enthusiasts. 

The new Fantasy Safari is what a wild animal park might be like if it had been taken from the pages of a storybook. Combining realistic safari elements like jeeps, rolling dunes and exotic attractions with truly unreal animals – from dragons and trolls to fairies and unicorns – this is not your ordinary zoo game.

Players can fill their safari with dozens of magical creatures. Once they’ve chosen a favorite, they can make it a Star Attraction, complete with a special Star Habitat.  The best part? Animals in Star Habitats have custom animations, each triggered by the player’s interaction. This means that when you pet your dragon, he’ll breathe fire!

With Fantasy Safari, you can finally experience the dream of building a park filled with your favorite magical creatures. Check it out on the App Store today.

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