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battlefield_3_premium_news_header_723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Aug 14, 2012

Everything for the Battlefield with Battlefield 3 Premium Edition

Since we announced Battlefield Premiumat E3 back in June, 1.3 million fans have already signed up for early access to the latest Battlefield maps, modes,weapons and vehicles and all of the Battlefield 3 expansion packs: Back to Karkland, Close Quarters, (both available now), Armored Kill (coming September 4), Aftermath (December), and End Game.

Today at gamescom, EA upped the ante and announced an offer for those gamers who haven’t yet played the game – Battlefield 3 Premium Edition. This includes the Battlefield 3 game as well as the full Premium membership. If that’s not enough enticement, you’ll also get the Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Head-Start Kit that will automatically unlock 15 different weapons, gadgets and vehicle upgrades that make it even easier for new players to join the action. The best part? The full Premium Edition is only $69.99.

Check out the newest trailer below with the latest from Premium Edition with features from Armored Kill and a glimpse at Aftermath. Let us know what you think in the comments.