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swtor-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Aug 26, 2011

Eternity Vault Mission in Star Wars: The Old Republic

An ancient prison on the remote planet Belsavis has been discovered after being sealed for 20,000 years. Deep inside the prison is the Eternity Vault, which contains a danger powerful enough to threaten both the Republic and the Empire. Your group of players and their companions are sent to remove the danger, a fearsome being known only as the Infernal One.

This is the setting for the Star Wars: The Old Republic Eternity Vault mission, a multi-party task given to both Imperial and Republic players when they reach level 50. Dallas Dickinson, Director of Productions, is pleased to present the opening minutes of this epic mission from the Imperial perspective in a developer walkthrough.

High-level group combat is on full display as a team of eight Imperial classes work together to bring down the prison's outer defense. After the walkthrough of the mission's opening minutes, Dickinson presents a teaser of what the Infernal One has in store for the group once they reach the prison interior.

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