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656x369.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Oct 31, 2013

EA SPORTS UFC Cover Athlete

It’s not every day that EA SPORTS launches a new franchise – which is exactly what made choosing the first-ever EA SPORTS UFC cover athlete so special.

All it took was a quick scan down the UFC roster to prove that there was certainly no shortage of worthy candidates, all of whom would have all looked right at home on the cover of our game this Spring.

The fighter we ultimately chose is one whose talent, technicality and toughness we felt best exemplified what makes us, as fans, excited to sit down with friends to watch a UFC bout, and keeps us talking about it the next day. Or week…

Think you know who we’ve picked? Check back on Monday, November 4 to find out if you’re right – we’ll also be dropping another big piece of news along with the announcement!


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