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ea-logo-grey-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jan 30, 2013

EA’s New Grads Learn the Ropes

Entering the workforce from university life can be a daunting proposition. Learning to navigate a company environment and understanding how to succeed while also meeting your personal career goals can be a challenge. That’s why our University Relations and EA University teams host the semi-annual “New Grad Launch”, a four-day program that brings together new graduates who have been full time employees at EA for six months or less. Participants get a behind-the-scenes view into the EA culture and leadership from our headquarters and get to hear from employees from all levels about their experiences and how to be successful.

“One of the coolest things that happened is that I met a lot of new people from the other Montreal studios,” said Guillaume Anctil, a software engineer for BioWare Montreal. “For me, the most valuable part of the program was getting to know how other people work in different studios and different countries. I hope I made some new lasting connections, I met some amazing people that I will end up visiting again.”

Our new grads got to hear from a few EA leaders during the program –COO Peter Moore, CIO Mark Tonnesen, EVP of Digital Kristian Segerstrale, Chief Talent Officer Gabrielle Toledano and HR VP Mala Singh – as well as other EA team members from all different roles to hear company plans and also career advice. But the program is also designed to hear from new grads and brainstorm ways for their ideas to be heard and make an impact.

“We spent time brainstorming and identifying ways we can impact EA’s recruiting, development and consumer outreach through our new roles, which I found to be one of the best parts of the program,” said Gabriel Gonzalez, Associate Designer in EA SPORTS Tiburon. “What came out of it were several strong ideas of how we as new grads can take a bottom-up approach and make a difference.”

Beyond the daily program, the four-day New Grad Launch also plays a big role in our new grads being able to bond with each other.

“I really took away that EA encourages us to experiment and try different roles in our career and that we are strengthened by a varied and talented group of individuals from all backgrounds,” said Leoric Rodriguez, an Associate Development Manager for EA SPORTS in Tiburon. “One gathering that I especially enjoyed was the event at a local brewery. We had the whole team there, even some designers from the Visceral studio, and it was a great bonding experience.”

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    I just saw the trailer for the new University life game, and I must say I am a gamer, and I love your games, but I am shocked that you would actually support this game that has out of control drinking and lesbian experimenting, your games reach alot of young viewers, Tell me why you would think it is ok to have this in your games, you should take this out if you care about the people that play your games, we have enough young people ruining their lives without your help. Melissa Howe
    Feb 1, 2013
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