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generic-header-21.jpg POSTED BY Andrea Silvers ON May 4, 2012

EA SPORTS News of the Week

It’s Friday again, so it’s time to remind you of all the awesomeness we’ve been working on all week. We don’t just sit around and play video games you know. No really, if you see our bosses you should mention that.

SSX goes classic with Mt. Eddie. [SSX DLC]

NHL 13 is giving you a sneak peek. [NHL First Look Contest]

The Madden Playbook digs deeper. [Playbook]

The NHL cover vote axes more of our hopes and dreams. [NHL Round of 16 Bracket B]

The EA SPORTS Challenge Series play-by-play. [EASCS Live coverage]

People are still getting chatty on Twitter. [What’s Trending]

NCAA is rolling through their playbook, the current focus is gameplay. [NCAA Playbook]

If you’re planning on playing on EA SPORTS Arena, you may want to look out for these guys. [Best of the best]


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