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POSTED BY akatkin ON Jun 7, 2011

EA SPORTS Makes Their Presence Known At E3

Madden 12, FIFA 12, NHL 12, NCAA Football 12, PGA Tour Golf Challenge, and World Series Superstars are all making their presence known here at E3. The key message from EA SPORTS this year is community and fan worldwide connection. Out on the floor Madden 12 and FIFA 12 displayed their Nintendo 3DS, mobile, iPad, and Facebook presence while trailers showing team and fan unity were streaming on the EA big screen. Behind the closed doors, the new features of the 12 titles were the topic of discussion.

While getting in some time with Madden 12, EA SPORTS reps were highlighting the new features mentioned in EA press conference. The improved defense AI was demonstrated in the gameplay and while working through downs, the representatives told us about the improved Dynasty mode.

In the FIFA 12 presentation, we were shown footage of their three new gameplay features, the Player Impact Engine, defensive positioning, and precision dribbling. Footballers were shown on the pitch in yellow card-like collisions, pressing players with the ball, cutting off angles with advanced positioning, and working the ball with small touches inside a congested box.

The EA SPORTS Football Club was also mentioned. The free online world will connects players from across the globe and task them to take on challenges and support their selected club. After the video presentation, we were free to play, and instantly the new additions for FIFA 12 made the already realistic gameplay on the pitch that much more amazing.

After our time with FIFA 12, we gained access to other EA SPORTS titles: NHL 12, NCAA Football 12, PGA Tour Golf Challenge, and World Series Superstars. Each game had it's own setup in the room. Turf lined the floors and every wall was covered with familiar faces, like Tiger Woods and Peyton Hillis. Yet, even with all the different sports gathered into one room, and with all types of fans trying out the games, you could still feel the same connection. Everyone had a love of the game.

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    These games are going to be incredible and the gameplay is going to be great. I just wish that EA Sports would come to Mac. EA could put their games on the Mac App Store.
    Jun 9, 2011
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    Please announce to us pc will be returning
    Jun 9, 2011
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    What happened to PC sports gaming? I am not about to buy a mac, console or other inferior device just to play.
    Jun 13, 2011
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    Jun 15, 2011
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    I just saw a video of Michigan's entrace, PLEASE correct Michigan's QB hairstyle, he wears dreadlocks, EA! Not a big thing, but for one of college football's most exciting players, at least get his appearance correct. PLEASE!
    Jun 15, 2011
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