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blue_bird_billboard.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 14, 2011

EA Hosts 'Fuel-N-Feast' Auto Show

Today at EA Redwood Shores (EARS), the Great Lawn became an outdoor showroom for some of the sleekest rides in the Bay Area. Check out our gallery below for a look at everything from a fully-equipped Delorean, complete with Flux Capacitor, to racing cars straight from your favorite high-speed games.

Here's one of several racing cars that made it to the lawn:

This extremely detailed replica of the Back to the Future Delorean had everything from a "Plutonium Drive" to a hoverboard sitting in the passenger seat:

And as far as paint jobs went, this ride definitely stole the show:


For those who didn't make it out to EARS "Fuel-N-Feast" show, there's another way to get your fast car fix. Pre-order your copy of Need for Speed The Run on Origin today and get driving!