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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Dec 8, 2011

EA Builds Fun for Free With Theme Park

When we were kids (some of us still are) there was nothing more exciting than that first trip to a great amusement park. The memories of all those giant, colorful rollercoasters and wild, spinning rides evoke feelings of anticipation and wonder. Not to mention the glorious shops selling every sort of creative confection and silly souvenir.

Now with Theme Park for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, you can build a fantasy park of your very own – for free. Inspired by the original Theme Park game from ’94 you’ll savor every element of creating and running your own amusement park. From awesome attractions to goodie-filled shops, every detail is yours to control.

Plus, you’ll have plenty of visitors to entertain. Guide them to the ride of your choice, then speed up the action with a tap of the finger. But be careful – if you go too fast they’ll get sick (oops).

With brightly colored graphics and sharp, beautiful animations – this is a Theme Park you’ll never want to leave.