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ea-logo-grey-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 5, 2012

The E3 Wrap-Up: Day One

The doors are closing on day one of E3’s floor show, and we’re walking away with a ton of new info—not to mention some swag—from three great EA games.

In our SimCity live chat, we spoke with Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis about everything from energy management and solar power to multiplayer interactions. Watch the replay for the full download, including details on how to score an official SimCity t-shirt. And don't forget to text “SimCity” to 44144 for your chance to name the in-game burger joint!

At 2PM PT, the Medal of Honor Warfighter team sat down with Origin to demo their game and talk about the new Tier 1 units from around the world. Get the full report on gameplay and more when you watch the Warfighter chat online.

Finally, at 5PM PT, we brought two members of the Criterion team to our room to talk about one of the most buzzed-about games at E3: Need for Speed Most Wanted. Check out the replay for specifics on Speed Points, Autolog, collectibles, and cars, plus get a demo of gameplay from The Professor, Matt Follett.

Join us tomorrow for continuing live chat coverage of E3, plus photos and stories from the floor.

Our full schedule of Origin Live Chats is available at