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Industry recognising FIFA 12 after impressive E3 POSTED BY Tom Henderson ON Jun 15, 2011

Industry recognising FIFA 12 after impressive E3

FIFA 12 continues to build towards a huge launch with the game picking up some exciting awards at the recent E3 trade show.

The buzz around the new Player Impact Engine, along with Pro Player Intelligence, Tactical Defending and Precision Dribbling has pushed FIFA 12 to new heights and anticipation levels.

FIFA 12 has picked up the following awards, click the links to view the full articles and read more about how FIFA 12 will be improved this year.

Best Sports Game – 1up

With FIFA 12, it's clear EA is OK with really messing with and enhancing its formula. Using a brand new physics engine, nothing here is pre-determined. Basically, there is no brief stall while the system calculates its animations -- everything happens as it does. Trust us, this and a bunch of other enhancements put FIFA on top in the sports category this year.

1up: FIFA, Best Sports Game

Best Mobile Game – 1up

FIFA 12 on iOS is also pretty surprising. Between an iPad and two iPhones, you can compete against friends on the go -- with your iPhones working as controllers. Seriously, if there's any way to get us excited about playing soccer on our phones, this is it.

Full 1up article

Best Sports Game – IGN

FIFA 12's bringing some major changes to the beautiful game. 

Click here for full IGN article

Best games of 2011: top E3 2011 picks to look out for – T3

It's still winning the football gaming war, and this season EA has introduced its physical impact engine for more realistic battles on the pitch. The new EA Football Club feature will also help you build experience points and push your favourite club push up the global table rankings.

Click here for full T3 article


FIFA 12 has now also won the following awards!


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