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POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 13, 2011

Crysis 2 Speed Run Sets A High Bar

It’s been seven months since the release of Crysis 2, and players are still finding fresh, new ways to challenge themselves. Playing as Alcatraz, the sole surviving member of a Force Recon Marine unit deployed to an alien-infested New York City, one hardcore fan went so far as to complete an epic speed run of the game. Even when you take Alcatraz’s Nanosuit abilities into account, that’s no easy feat.

Crysis 2community member “FToWnP1AyA” has been playing the game non-stop since release day. After completing the sci-fi first-person shooter a number of times, FToWnP1AyA began to wonder just how fast Alcatraz could take down the alien Ceph. When internet searches produced no record of an existing Crysis 2 speed run, he resolved to record one himself. It took plenty of trial and error, intense training, and level breakdowns, but FToWnP1AyA eventually hit his goal, completing a cheat-free, three-hour speed run that included all story cinemas.

Read an interview with FToWnP1AyA and watch his full speed run in this MyCrisis news post. If you’re inspired to try your own speed run and still don’t have a copy of Crisis 2, you can order yours today on Origin.