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crysis-console-explosion-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 4, 2011

Crysis 1 Arrives on Consoles

In 2007, Crysis wowed PC gamers with its cutting-edge engine that pushed even top-tier gaming rigs to their very limits. Now console gamers have a chance to experience the white-knuckle action of this open world first-person shooter for themselves.

The critically acclaimed original has been remade in CryEngine 3, the same technology powering the stunning Crysis 2. The new engine provides a wealth of enhancements over the PC predecessor including a new lighting system, fine-tuned combat mechanics, and Nanosuit controls optimized for gamepads. In addition, you can enjoy all these improvements in jaw-dropping 3D thanks to full stereoscopic 3D support.

Crysis takes place in the year 2019, when United States scientists make an alarming discovery on an island in the South China Sea. The North Korean government suddenly shuts down the area and all communications are lost. In response, an elite team of US Delta Force Operators is sent in to investigate. You play as Nomad, a U.S. soldier equipped with a cutting-edge Nanosuit, which provides formidable combat capabilities. While fighting against the North Korean military, a far graver threat appears when a massive alien vessel reveals itself in the middle of the island. Forced to join forces with North Koreans, Nomad must engage the extraterrestrial threat in lush tropical jungles, frozen landscapes, and the heart of the alien ship itself.

Get ready to strap on your Nanosuit and fight for control of the island through the entire epic single-player campaign. Crysis is available now on PlayStation Network for $19.99 and Xbox Live for 1600 Microsoft Points.

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