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nba-live-court-q-header.jpg POSTED BY EA SPORTS ON Nov 7, 2013

The Power of the NBA LIVE Connected Experience

One of the features we’re most excited to introduce in NBA LIVE 14 is CourtQ, which goes to great lengths to make the game new every time you play. This year, EA SPORTS is leveraging Synergy Sports Technology to provide fresh data an hour after every NBA game. Through the intelligence of CourtQ and other innovative technology, the connected experience in NBA LIVE 14 offers new content in all facets of the game.


Synergy is the official data providing service for all 30 teams in the NBA, and they log every single possession of every single game, every single day. Synergy provides detailed reports on each player that goes way beyond just the box score, drilling down into minutiae such as how often a player goes to his right or left, how his shooting performance changes in home games vs. away games, his go-to move in the post and much, much more.

EA SPORTS has partnered exclusively with Synergy to bring this level of granular detail into NBA LIVE 14, which makes the game as real as it can be. After each NBA game, Synergy sends over data on more than 70 ratings and tendencies, which leads to updates for each player in near real-time. If Steph Curry has a particularly exceptional night from deep, then the next time you boot up NBA LIVE 14 you’ll find him splashing more shots from beyond the arc than usual. However, if he goes on a cold streak a few days later, then you may find it challenging to capitalize on the same looks that seemed so automatic just a few days ago.

One of the grand goals of CourtQ and Synergy is to eliminate subjectivity from player ratings and tendencies and go solely by the numbers. In order to give you the most realistic game possible, the players in NBA LIVE have to behave and act just like their real-life counterparts. That’s the direction we’re headed with CourtQ and we believe we’ve made major strides toward it in year one. It’s very exciting to think what the future holds for this technology.


Our connected experience doesn’t stop at player ratings – data will also affects the way each player looks. If Derrick Rose drops a new colorway for his sneakers during the season, the new kicks will be updated in NBA LIVE 14. No waiting for a roster update, no special patch, just another piece that gets automatically updated each day. Same goes for new accessories or gear, even haircuts. Anytime an NBA player changes up his look NBA LIVE 14 will be there to make him look right in-game.


This year, we’re proud to welcome ESPN’s flagship broadcast team of Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy to NBA LIVE 14 commentary, and Jalen Rose as our studio host. In addition to providing halftime and post-game show duties, Jalen will also be recording weekly content providing a look at what’s happening in both the NBA as well as within the NBA LIVE 14 community. Perform well and take the game by storm, and you might just get a shout-out from Jalen on one of his weekly shows. Look for more on this in the coming days.

The beauty of a connected experience is that while it does so much to keep the game relevant to the real-world, it requires virtually no work from the gamer. Simply hook up your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 to the Internet and all the data and updates will be delivered directly to you whenever you boot up the game. No menus to navigate, no buttons to click; no muss, no fuss. NBA LIVE 14 is a going to be new experience every time you play it.

Fans in North America can pick up NBA LIVE 14 on Tuesday, November 19, for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. NBA LIVE 14 will also be available worldwide on November 22 for Xbox One, and November 29 for PS4.

Preorder today, and be sure to check the NBA LIVE website, Facebook and Twitter for updates.