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POSTED BY Shawn Conly ON Jul 22, 2011

Conly: EA Takes Home AdWeek Award

Launching a new video game is always a tough proposition. This is an industry where established franchises dominate and it can be difficult for a new video game to stand out.

As with all marketing efforts, our goal for Dante’s Inferno was to get on the radars of gamers and to build buzz and excitement ahead of the game’s launch. The apex of the campaign was a commercial spot during Super Bowl XLIV, but  the real magic of the campaign could be found in the monthly activities that reached over 47 million gamers through gaming blogs, press previews and social media. The amazing thing about the Dante’s Inferno campaign was (thanks to huge fan support and a smart campaign) we saw awareness and excitement increase every month from the start of the campaign in June 2009 through the game’s launch in February 2010. 

This was an incredibly creative campaign but it was also incredibly disciplined in staying focused on our core fan base.  Every event, no matter how large or small. was tailored to generate excitement with fans and hopefully inspire them to talk about the game. The result was when we launched the demo for the game in December 2009 over three million gamers spent their holidays in hell with Dante.  In January we maximized pre-Super Bowl excitement to continue driving awareness for the game and by the time Super Bowl came right before the game launched, Dante’s Inferno was already charting as one of the most popular games on GameSpot and IGN.  Thanks to the support of our fans, to sales for Dante’s Inferno exceeded expectations charting in the top 15 for the first half of 2010.

And now the publicity campaign for Dante’s Inferno has won AdWeek’s Integrated Media Plan of the Year Award. Great work like this is not possible without a passionate team and supportive fans. Our thanks goes to everyone that supported Dante’s Inferno and our internal team that managed this campaign.

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