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Color Bandits POSTED BY EA Staff ON Jun 30, 2011

Color Bandits Explodes Onto The App Store

Our friends at Chillingo released an exciting new game on the App Store today. Color Bandits, available on both the iPhone and iPad, is an addictive side-scrolling, shooting adventure that puts you in a world robbed of its color by an evil Steam Boss.

Your mission: foil the Steam Boss’ evil plot as you fight your way across grayscale worlds and bring color back to the universe. Though you are only one soldier, you'll be packing some heavy firepower to bring down anything that stands in your way.

You’ll traverse across six worlds as you take on mammoth ants and giant airships with all kinds of explosive and colorful weapons. For an extra challenge, try out survival mode and see how long you can last against everything the game can throw at you.

You can grab Color Bandits on iPhone and iPad today! Beautiful destruction is at your fingertips.