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super-crossfire-llc-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Oct 13, 2011

Chillingo Releases Two New Titles

This week, Chillingo takes to the stars with Super Crossfire (also available in HD), a retro-styled shooter that literally flips the script, and the charming, clever puzzler Little Lost Chick (also available in HD).

There is no right way up in, Super Crossfire, a modern twist on the classic arcade shooter. Use Multi-Touch to teleport across the playing field and attack waves of enemy ships from both sides. Collect gems from fallen foes so you can purchase an assortment of upgrades to better defeat the alien invasion.

In Little Lost Chick, ababy bird has lots its way and it’s up to you to help guide him safely back to his nest by tapping away obstacles. Full of cheerful gameplay and savvy level design, this physics-based puzzler is fun for the whole family, and perfect for both casual and veteran game players.

Both titles are available now in the App Store.