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chillingo-9-7-title-banner.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 8, 2011

Chillingo Drops Three New Titles

This week, no gamer goes ignored as Chillingo releases something for everybody, from a high-speed racing thrill ride to a gummy matching game. And lest our wingless bird friends feel slighted, Powerslide Penguin makes its long-awaited debut in the Mac App Store.

Not content to be just another racer on the App Store, Race illegal: High Speed 3D offers an unparalleled amount of gameplay modes and options in a gorgeous 3D package. From crashing to drifting to simply being the fastest racer on the street, Race illegal provides everything a speedfreak needs.

Test your memory with Gum Drop! Touch corresponding words and images while under a strict deadline in this cheerful puzzle game. Simple in concept but deceptively challenging, only those with a fresh mind and the fastest of reflexes will be able to top the charts. This fresh treat also comes in a HD portion for the iPad.

Though cool in name, Powerslide Penguin is decidedly hot. Somebody just took out a withdrawal from Chill City Bank — the illegal kind — and it’s up to Penn Gwynn to recover the loot. Slide across over 75 iced-over stages, barreling into gems and cash while avoiding dynamite, polar bears, and evil snowmen.

Race illegal and Gum Drop! are both available in the App Store right now for iPhone and iPad. Already available for iOS, Powerslide Penguin is now live in the Mac App Store.