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burnout-crash-723x250.jpg POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 20, 2011

Burnout CRASH Is Now Available!

Burnout CRASH! is here and it’s everything you’d hoped it would be: nonstop smashing, bashing, and crashing in a hilarious new party game experience.

The game features three chaotic game modes. In Pile-Up, your goal is to cause a fire then use your precision-driving skills to keep it burning as long as possible. In Road Trip, ram full-speed into a busy intersection and try to trap traffic with the ensuing explosion. In Rush Hour, careen down the road and cause as much damage as you can in 90 seconds.

The award-winning Autolog technology lets you connect, compete, and compare high scores with friends to earn the Master of Disaster crown. Plus, the Xbox LIVE Arcade version of the game is the first from Electronic Arts to feature a game mode designed exclusively for Kinect, with two teams using gestural controls to crash and burn in a party battle!

Burnout CRASH! is available now for $9.99 on PlayStation Network and 800 MS Points on Xbox LIVE Arcade.