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Bf4TuesdayExclusive093014.png POSTED BY EA Staff ON Sep 30, 2014

Battlefield 4 Fall Update Now Live

This week’s EA Tuesday Exclusive details the new Battlefield 4 Fall Update, available now on all platforms.

Have you been asking to customize your HUD? Now you can! Dig in with the full patch notes on the Battlefield blog and let us know what you think on Twitter.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in the game after you download:


Classic Mode Available

By popular demand, the Fall Update introduces a new preset called “Classic Mode”. Rules on these servers are similar to settings from previous Battlefield titles and are designed for skilled players looking for more of a challenge. For example, you are able to spawn on only the squad leader in Classic Mode, which makes greater tactical thinking as a squad leader even more important. Try Classic Mode for a new challenge.

Customizable HUD

You can now change settings for the in-world icons that are visible when aiming down the sight of your weapon. Some players don’t want to see their teammates in this view, and that is something you can now toggle on and off. The size of the mini map can be increased by up to 250% and you can also change the transparency of icons to your liking. 

Adjusted Player Movement

You’ll notice that the way players move now more closely resembles Battlefield 3 but maintains the animation fidelity of Battlefield 4

High Frequency Network Update Added

Now added to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and set to default, this update to the server provides feedback on the client with greater frequency, resulting in a smoother player experience.

Reduced Visual Recoil

You’ll feel less recoil from weapons, including all medium and close range sights (except iron sights, Infra Red night vision and Forward Looking Infra Red).

Beefed Up “Netcode”

Battlefield 4 netcode or gameplay updates has seen several tweaks and is now the fastest in the franchise’s history, counting client-to-client values. The team will also look to improve hit detection.


For full notes on all the details, head over to the Battlefield blog

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    There are two major changes that you simply shouldn't have messed with - at all. BF4 continues to worsen. 1. Everyone spawns so close in BF4 TDM that it makes no real sense. 2. Ammo resupply is horribly and pathetically slow. What you should have worked on was cleaning up the glitches you claimed to fix 2 patches ago like dying in 1 second glitches, animation of reloading weapon is inaccurately depicted (player is NOT reloading), and players continuing to die from fire when well behind walls.
    Oct 1, 2014
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    la berdad el battlefield 4 es malisimo.como como el battlefield bat companyh 2 y el battlefield 3 no hay son los mejores para el juego online gracias.
    Oct 2, 2014
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    Oct 6, 2014
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