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ncaa-media-header2.jpg POSTED BY Justin Dewiel ON Aug 24, 2012

6 Members Added to the Game Changers Program

Community interaction is key for us here at EA SPORTS. We’re happy to announce the addition of 6 new members to the EA SPORTS Game Changers program. Check out their bios below. For more information on the program and how you can apply, click here.


Keith Pryor, aka "Sim" hails from Richmond, VA but currently resides in York, PA. He is a passionate Sim Style gamer and is devoted to helping developers make sports video games as true to life as possible. Sim has been one of the main voices in the Simulation Football Community since becoming a YouTube commentator back on Aug, 3 2009. As a commentator he has earned over 1 million video views. Sim is also a co-founder of TheSimStandard YouTube channel and is the owner of, which will soon be up and running. As a Game Changer he will continue to represent the Sim Nation to the fullest.


Azure, a native of Nashville, TN has been making Youtube videos about improving Football games since 2009. He is a Machinima Sports Director on Youtube and an avid Titans fan. Ran track, played Basketball, Football & Baseball in his younger years and has a love and appreciation for all sports & competition.  He has been playing Football video games since John Madden 92' and caters to the simulation crowd. In 2011 a group of Youtube Commentators joined forces to create a channel called "TheSimStandard" in which the members post videos discussing the implementation of "simulation principles" in Sports games. He is very passionate about having the best game possible year in & year out.

Azure is a very "Community" oriented guy who listens to community wants, concerns, & suggestions and communicates collective opinions for a better sports game. In addition to his videos on Youtube; you can follow him on Twitter @AzureEffect.


An Old School EA SPORTS Gamer since 1990, Packwolf's legendary virtual sports career began in his home town of Chicago over 3 decades ago on classic consoles such as Odyssey II and Intellivision. Packwolf competed on "Madden Nation" on ESPN in 2005 against the best Madden players in the world and finished 6th at the age of 40! Due to a motorcycle accident in 2010, Packwolf lost the use of his right arm and hand. He still competes today using only one hand. "If you can't be a good sport, don’t play!" -Packwolf"


Russell Giles hails from Newark, Delaware.  He's a full time employee for a global logistics provider and is also studying organizational management at Wilmington University.  He's been playing basketball & football simulations since the mid-90's. These days, he mainly gets his kicks from Madden NFL Football and other games of various genres.  Russell has been to multiple Madden community events and is a staple in the Operation Sports community.  Follow him on Twitter @RGiles36.


Smitty, born and raised in the great state of Michigan, (known as PISTON D14 on XBL) is a deep rooted football and baskeball gamer since 1989.  Has been a sound contributor and stern football gameplay critic in the community on YouTube since 2009 (username dts5381), and as one of the founding members of The Sim Standard channel (thesimstandard on youtube).  His goal is to deliver constructive, yet direct criticism to help deliver the best sports gaming product available by community/consumer standards alike.  He's also an aspiring game designer and software support analyst as well.  Smitty is humbled yet honored to be referred to as one of the prominent members of the Sim Nation!!  He can be followed on Twitter (@SmittyD1981) and contributes on Operation Spots under the name SmittyD81.


ZAN has been an active member in the Madden Community since 2008, and has played in several tournaments each year. Besides playing Madden NFL Football competitively, ZAN is the author/producer of "4ward Progress Madden," a YouTube channel (4wardprogressmadden) and Video Game Football blog. You can follow ZAN on Twitter @PeytonZANning or XBL (Peyton ZANning)