NERF N-Strike Double Blast Bundle


Double the Nerf Action in One Double Blast Bundle

This bundle features both NERF N-STRIKE and NERF N-STRIKE Elite.

The search for the N-Strike Elite begins in NERF N-STRIKE. In the din of a popular arcade, one N-Strike player stands above the rest. Shane thinks he's just playing a game, but his success is being tracked and recorded. He is the perfect candidate for the N-Strike Elite. Once Shane joins the team, he gains access to Top Secret Blasters and epic adventures.

In NERF N-STRIKE ELITE the adventures continue as the N-Strike Elite are called back into action. In this mission, the team has the chance to build up their arsenal, improve their blasters and, most importantly, shoot bots. This game includes the NERF SWITCH SHOT EX-3, a blaster comes with an attachable Red Reveal Tech, which allows players to see hidden messages, find secret paths, special unlocks and expose enemy weak spots.

  • Overview


    • Move up the ranks – Blast your way through a NERF research facility to become an elite N-Strike officer.
    • Keep up the fight – Navigate through and compete in four increasingly difficult chambers with over 20 missions.
    • Play with friends – Supports head-to-head and cooperative play with up to four players.


    • Select from the team – There are four playable characters each with unique blasters and special abilities.
    • Choose your weapon – Blasters can be upgraded and customized to give you thousands of variations.
    • Old and new enemies – Battle a new army of robots, including BOB, who has been rebuilt and strengthened.
    • Multiplayer – Supports two-player cooperative play.
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