FIFA Soccer 09 for Mobile


Step onto the pitch in EA SPORTS FIFA 09! Pass, tackle and shoot your way to victory with a game that delivers real football action.

Control the action with new Side-On View and beat the defenders with precision passing. Execute perfect 1-2 passes, crosses and triangle pass plays. Set up spectacular headers and volleys. Time your shot right for amazing overhead goals. Show your skills to be named Man of the Match. Choose Season Mode or beat the odds in Challenge Mode.

Score big with FIFA 09.

  • Overview
    • Experience shooting and tackling mini-games that keep the action flowing.
    • Control the action across the pitch with new Side-On View.
    • Execute your choice of attacking and lofted passes with easy pass indicators.
    • Compete against smart AI players running complex offenses and defenses.
    • Choose between 4 game modes. (Not all handsets.)
    • Battle your way through Season Mode.
    • Overcome difficult match scenarios in Challenge Mode.
    • Earn valuable Challenge Mode rewards to improve your team's performance in Season Mode.
    • Manage Injuries and Substitutions to keep your team in the match.
    • Dominate the action to earn Man of the Match honors and carry momentum into your next competition.
    • Score spectacular diving header, volley, and overhead goals.
    • Beat the defense with amazing step over and Marseille turn skill moves.

    Features may vary by handset