Escape From Rosecliff Island


Find the clues, escape the island!

An unexpected storm has left you shipwrecked on a mysterious private island. Can you find your way back home? You'll need a sharp eye to solve this captivating hidden-object game for iPhone!

Explore 25 mysterious island scenes and track down 2,100 hidden objects that will lead you to safety. Solve intriguing mini-games to piece together all the clues. Play three game modes, including a mystery bonus game. This is one adventure you don't want to miss!

  • Overview
    • Explore island scenes — like the boathouse, a gazebo, a cave and more — and find over 2,100 hidden objects 
    • Enjoy three game modes — Escape the Island Mode, Unlimited Seek & Find and a mystery bonus game
    • Play five unique mini-games: Match-3, Word Search, Puzzle Rotation, Memory Match and Jigsaw, plus a unique final puzzle
    • Find two cleverly hidden locks in each scene to open Unlimited Seek & Find and a mystery bonus game!
    • Need help finding an object? Use the "Hint" button for a quick tip
    • It's easy to zoom —double tap, or stretch and pinch, to zoom in and out