DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue



What? Another DeathSpank game already? You betcha! Now the star of two major Action RPGs: DeathSpank and DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue; DeathSpank is off on a new adventure, searching the world for the six mystical Thongs of Virtue.

In his travels DeathSpank has brought justice to the downtrodden, faced the riddle of bacon and defeated evils so horrible they would make just plain evil lose its lunch. DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is a hilarious adventure full of violence, sorcery and war-metaphors! And it’s fun! Remember fun? You hit things with swords, blow things up with magical bazookas, zap foes with Tesla Rods or chuck Fire hand grenades at their big stupid dumb heads

Featuring the trademark humor found in the original, Thongs of Virtue centers on DeathSpank’s journey through a massive war-torn land; explore the North Pole and the high seas to locate the mystical thongs to bring peace and harmony to the universe.

Experience fast paced action-RPG combat with over 150 quests and tons of weapons, armor and loot to collect in one of the funniest action-RPGs to date.

  • Overview
    • Hilarious NEW Story of EPIC Proportions – Guide DeathSpank on an all new voyage spanning massive war-torn battlefields, savage seas, and more as he hunts down magical thongs in an effort to combine their powers and create peace and harmony in the universe.
    • All NEW Loot to Collect! – Vanquish evil using an all new array of weapons, armour, and loot spanning different eras of history.
    • Sidekick Co-Op Mode is BACK, and it Brought A Friend – Grab a friend and choose one of two hilarious sidekicks to help save the world in co-operative couch play.  Use your magical skills as Sparkles the wizard or your kung-fu moves as the new ninjatastic Steve.
    • Tons of Hilarious NEW Quests and Characters – Battle your way through over 150 new quests and puzzles and meet a brand new cast of hilarious characters in the funniest game ever involving…thongs. 
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  • All Platforms
    • Blood
    • Cartoon Violence
    • Crude Humor
    • Mild Language
    • Sexual Themes
    • Use of Alcohol