Command & Conquer™ The First Decade


Relive a Decade of Real-Time Strategy History.

One of the most critically acclaimed and beloved names in real-time strategy has been distilled into a single DVD spanning 10 years of genre-redefining history. Command and Conquer The First Decade offers a convenient way to experience every full motion video cutscene, every battle-scarred unit and every epic gameplay map from a dozen C&C classics in one collection offering hundreds of hours of armchair strategy.

Battle the old-fashioned way with the original Command and Conquer, watch an alternate World War II unfold in Command and Conquer Red Alert or control the modern warfield in Command and Conquer Generals--all three of Command and Conquer's worlds are open to nostalgic gamers and modern aficionados alike.

  • Overview
    • Revisit the Battlefield - Relive a decade of real-time strategy history in this anniversary collection, from the rise of the Brotherhood of Nod to the looming threat of the Global Liberation Army, and experience the battle from multiple sides.
    • Redefine Value - Contains 12 classic Command and Conquer games on a single DVD, offering a decade-long peek at the evolution of the real-time strategy genre from one of its greatest eras.
    • The Beginning and Beyond - Cutting-edge visuals, epic storylines, and complex missions are interwoven across multiple generations, offering a peek into futuristic fights over ultra-valuable resources, alternate timeline what-if scenarios, and a near-future three-way struggle between superpowers.
    • Go Behind the Scenes - Bonus DVD with commemorative videos including exclusive interviews tells the tale of one of the most successful and celebrated series in video games history.
    • Relive Classic Challenges - Experience 100s of single-player missions littered with twists and turns, or battle against other players with intense multiplayer mayhem. Every fight will test your awareness and mettle while providing plenty of the Command and Conquer's trademark humor.
  • All Platforms
    • Blood
    • Violence
    • Mild Language