CLUE: Secrets & Spies for Pogo

CLUE: Secrets and Spies is a covert hidden-object game filled with intrigue, secrets and spies! Use your sleuthing skills to find hidden objects and track down the nefarious Agent Black and his C.L.U.E. operatives. As an agent of P.O.G.O. it's up to you to search for hidden objects and clues to solve the mystery.

  • Overview
    • Hidden Object Intrigue: This is a hidden object game in which you must search for clues hidden in a scene. Once you have found all of the clues, you win the game.
    • Revealing Mysteries: The game is split into separate episodes, like a TV show, and you don't need to play the episodes in any particular order.
    • Dark Secrets: Once you start an episode, you have 60 minutes to complete it. The Timer only runs while you are inside a level, and you may halt the Timer by hitting Pause, or by clicking on the Timer itself.
    • Elusive Spies: You may leave the game and your progress will be saved so you can come back to it later.