Army Of Two Game Play Video 1
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Army Of Two Game Play Video 1

1316 Views Nov 12, 2009
Get in the game with Salem and Rios as you take on the world in pursuit of their 3 favorite things-- Combat, Camaraderie and most importantly CASH. Army of Two lets you take co-op play to all new extremes!

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    I know this is old and a lot of people don't even like this game.. Gamer tag, Facelif,xbox360.. I rank in the top 10 in bounties on all map. I wonder why you took a game that was its on and made it something else.. I love army of two.. the 40th day was ok but I like the gun box, I like the fact of using pack 5.. I mean its more than me that love this game.. Please I beg you.. Make the next Ao2 a lot like the first one..
    Jun 7, 2011
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